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>>> Red Cedar Speedway - June 2, 2017 Results <<<

Mahder Wins the Mods
Brad Erickson
Menomonie, Wisconsin (June 02, 2017) the Red Cedar Speedway and E.O. Johnson Business Technologies presented the 2nd Annual Modified Special with unsanctioned modifieds which allowed open motor competitors to race against WISSOTA legal cars.  In addition the WISSOTA Poly Dome Dirt Track Series sanctioned Midwest Modifieds, Super Stocks, and Late Models were on the card.  Feature winners included Cory Mahder, Jesse Glenz, Tommy Richards, and Grant Southworth.

The unsanctioned modified event saw local, regional, and national runners compete for the increased payday.  Among the local weekly competitors, Brandon and Joey Jensen, AJ Diemel,
Jimmy Mars, Jake Timm, Lucas Schott, and Craig Thatcher showed up in A Mods to race.  It was Matt Leer and Craig Thatcher winning from the pole and Kerry Halopka and Joey Jensen winning from the outside of the front rows of their respective heats.  

The passing points format worked well for Cory Mahder and Lucas Schott as both finished second in their heats after starting sixth as the two filled the front row of the feature.  Under green, it was Mahder taking the lead as Schott set out to chase him down.  The leaders raced at a quick pace and soon found themselves in lapped traffic.  A terrific battle ensued as they fought their way through the heavy back markers and the race remained under green, allowing no relief.

Schott was able to move even with the leader on more than one occasion in traffic, but Mahder was flawless as he carved his way and others followed in his wake.  Late in the event, Jake Hanson was spun coming off of turn two resetting the field as Joey Jensen, who was running with the lead group, was called for the caution.  Under green, Mahder lead the handful of remaining laps under heavy pressure; however, the defending race champion, Lucas Schotts, was forced to be the runner up as Mahder ran a perfect race to the checkered flag.    

Don’t think for a moment though that the only racing action was at the point. Behind the leaders there were outstanding battles being waged and trading positions and passing was essentially nonstop.  Ashley Anderson started 16th and moved his way to finish third as AJ Diemel drove from eighth to fourth.  Mike Anderson, fresh off winning the Minnesota Modified Nationals with a $12,500 payday after coming through a B Feature and starting 14th on the grid, moved from 11th to finish fifth in this event.  Very worth of mentioning was Jake Hartung who finished just outside of the top five in sixth after having started 25th on the field.

Other noteables included Matt Lear in seventh, Jimmy Mars and Craig Thatcher finished eighth and ninth, and Cory Bruggeman in tenth after starting 18th.

The T.L. Sinz Plumbing Late Models were swept by Jesse Glenz as he drove to the front of the feature after starting fourth.  It was Greg Nippoldt leading the charge for several laps until Glenz was able to reel him in and make the pass.  Once out front, Glenz drove to the checkered flag unchallenged and in dominating fashion.  Nippoldt continued his great run to finish second over Mike Prochnow, Jimmy Mars, and Michael Keller.

The Johnson Motors Super Stocks heats were won by Jim Harris, Dan Nissalke, and Tommy Richards as Adam Soltis and Nissalke lead them to green in the feature.  Nissalke took the early lead and looked very tough out front as cars jockeyed behind him for position.  Sixth starting Ben Hillman closed into the top three and worked on Soltis for the position when the yellow flag was displayed for the spinning Mike Siewert.  

Back under green, Nissalke still looked good in the lead as ninth starting Tommy Richards moved in to challenge for the top three.  Nissalke ran hard as Hillman drove the high groove and Richards moved down low.  There was an outstanding three car battle for the lead that was worth the price of admission itself. The caution flew once again as Jay Oricchio was spun in turn one.  Under power the leaders returned to exactly where they left off in their fine race for the point.  Hillman found himself in a door to door battle with Soltis who had rejoined the leaders as Richards moved beside the leader himself.

Nissalke did everything he could to hold off Richards as the two battled cleanly for first but as Richards made his way to the point he began to stretch his advantage.  Hillman won the tussle with Soltis and he too moved in on Nissalke.  The two ran side by side as Jesse Redetzke came into the picture to try to stake his own claim for the position,  It was Richards comfortably late at the checkered flag as Hillman was able to take second.  Nissalke finished his great run in third over Redetzke and the fifth finishing Soltis.

The Southworth Chevrolet Midwest Modifieds saw Jake Smith, Gunnar Watkins, and Michael Truscott score heat wins.  Clark Swartz and Denny Cutsforth were on the front row at feature time as Swartz took the early lead but a caution flew for a multi car incident which was called on Brady Larson.  The restart saw Swartz again in the lead as Travis Anderson moved into second position and seventh starting Grant Southworth found third.  

The top three raced hard for position as Southworth found the upper groove to his liking.  He was able to move past the others into first.  Southworth began to drive away from the group as Swartz ran hard in second and Anderson, although could get inside Swartz, could not make the pass for the position.  The final yellow flag flew again as Larson spun in turn two and was sent pit side.  The restart saw Southworth lead the remaining laps for a strong win as Shane Halopka got past Anderson and worked on Swartz to the finish.  It was Swartz hanging strong in second as Halopka, Anderson, and Smith rounded out the top five.

The Red Cedar Speedway will return to racing on June 09, 2017, as  DKS Construction & Lewis Bjork LLC present the WISSOTA Race of Champions Night. All seven classes with the WISSOTA Poly Dome Dirt Track Series sanctioned Pure Stocks, Street Stocks, Midwest Modifieds, Super Stocks, Modifieds, and Late Models, along with the Red Cedar Speedway Hornets will all be in action. Once again, Realtor Shelly Watkins will pay out $50.00 to the hard charger. The money is awarded to the feature winner who won from the furthest position in the field. Ninth starting Tommy Richards earned the Hard Charger bonus on this night of racing.

Tim’s Automotive Unsanctioned Modified Feature: 1. 55-Cory Mahder, [1]; 2. 69-Lucas Schott, [2]; 3. 81-Ashley Anderson, [16]; 4. 89-AJ Diemel, [8]; 5. 57-Mike Anderson, [11]; 6. 05-Jake Hartung, [25]; 7. 30-Matt Leer, [5]; 8. 2-Jimmy Mars, [7]; 9. 91-Craig Thatcher, [6]; 10. 4-Cory Bruggeman, [18]; 11. 21B-Brandon Jensen, [10]; 12. 22T-Michael Truscott, [14]; 13. 8S-Tony Schill, [9]; 14. 99L-Steve Lavasseur, [20]; 15. W-Cory Williams, [12]; 16. 49-Jake Timm, [19]; 17. 1M-Curt Myers, [24]; 18. 9-Josh Hessler, [21]; 19. 03-Jordan Hessler, [26]; 20. 3-Bryan Hessler, [22]; 21. 44X-Mitch Anderson, [23]; 22. 93-Mike Knopps, [15]; 23. 12-Jake Hanson, [17]; 24. (DNF) 21-Joey Jensen, [4]; (DNS) 23-Kerry Halopka, ; (DNS) 27H-Steve Hallquist, ; (DNS) R1-Jay Richardson

Heat 1: 1. 30-Matt Leer, [1]; 2. 8S-Tony Schill, [2]; 3. 21B-Brandon Jensen, [5]; 4. 57-Mike Anderson, [7]; 5. 12-Jake Hanson, [3]; 6. (DNF) 1M-Curt Myers, [4]; 7. (DNF) 05-Jake Hartung, [6]
Heat 2: 1. 23-Kerry Halopka, [2]; 2. 89-AJ Diemel, [3]; 3. W-Cory Williams, [1]; 4. 22T-Michael Truscott, [6]; 5. 4-Cory Bruggeman, [4]; 6. 99L-Steve Lavasseur, [5]; 7. 3-Bryan Hessler, [7]
Heat 3: 1. 21-Joey Jensen, [2]; 2. 55-Cory Mahder, [6]; 3. 2-Jimmy Mars, [7]; 4. 81-Ashley Anderson, [3]; 5. 49-Jake Timm, [1]; 6. 9-Josh Hessler, [4]; 7. (DNF) 03-Jordan Hessler, [5]
Heat 4: 1. 91-Craig Thatcher, [1]; 2. 69-Lucas Schott, [6]; 3. 27H-Steve Hallquist, [2]; 4. 93-Mike Knopps, [5]; 5. (DNF) 44X-Mitch Anderson, [4]; (DNS) R1-Jay Richardson,

T.L. Sinz Plumbing WISSOTA Late Model Feature: : 1. 7X-Jesse Glenz, [4]; 2. 55N-Greg Nippoldt, [1]; 3. 68-Mike Prochnow, [3]; 4. 28-Jimmy Mars, [5]; 5. 31-Michael Keller, [2]; 6. 11-James Giossi, [6]; 7. B0H-Ben Hanke, [8]; 8. 122-Cole Spacek, [7]; 9. 14-Robbie Johnson, [9]

Heat 1: 1. 7X-Jesse Glenz, [6]; 2. 55N-Greg Nippoldt, [1]; 3. 68-Mike Prochnow, [4]; 4. 28-Jimmy Mars, [9]; 5. 31-Michael Keller, [7]; 6. 11-James Giossi, [3]; 7. 122-Cole Spacek, [5]; 8. B0H-Ben Hanke, [8]; 9. (DNF) 14-Robbie Johnson, [2]

Johnson Motors WISSOTA Super Stock Feature: 1. 7R-Tommy Richards, [9]; 2. 22JR-Ben Hillman, [6]; 3. 22-Dan Nissalke, [2]; 4. 207-Jesse Redetzke, [8]; 5. 9-Adam Soltis, [1]; 6. 20-Cory Davis, [5]; 7. 245-James Cimfl, [10]; 8. 56-Chad Gullixson, [12]; 9. 33-Cooper Berlin, [3]; 10. 23E-Terry Kroening, [7]; 11. 27-Tony Falkner, [11]; 12. 37-Jay Oricchio, [15]; 13. 1-Matt Koski, [16]; 14. 21-Mike Siewert, [18]; 15. 89-Tyler Lamm, [13]; 16. (DNF) 2-Bart Steffen, [17]; 17. (DNF) 8-Jim Harris, [4]; (DNS) 26-Rick Hallquist

Heat 1: 1. 8-Jim Harris, [2]; 2. 9-Adam Soltis, [3]; 3. 33-Cooper Berlin, [1]; 4. 245-James Cimfl, [5]; 5. 89-Tyler Lamm, [4]; 6. (DNF) 2-Bart Steffen, [6]
Heat 2: 1. 22-Dan Nissalke, [1]; 2. 207-Jesse Redetzke, [5]; 3. 22JR-Ben Hillman, [4]; 4. 27-Tony Falkner, [2]; 5. 26-Rick Hallquist, [6]; 6. 1-Matt Koski, [3]
Heat 3: 1. 7R-Tommy Richards, [1]; 2. 20-Cory Davis, [4]; 3. 23E-Terry Kroening, [6]; 4. 56-Chad Gullixson, [5]; 5. 37-Jay Oricchio, [3]; 6. (DNF) 21-Mike Siewert, [2]

Southworth Chevrolet WISSOTA Midwest Modified Feature: 1. 35-Grant Southworth, [7]; 2. 18S-Clark Swartz, [1]; 3. 3JR-Shane Halopka, [8]; 4. 37-Travis Anderson, [4]; 5. 21-Jacob Smith, [2]; 6. 20-Denny Cutsforth, [3]; 7. 2-Gunnar Watkins, [5]; 8. 22T-Michael Truscott, [9]; 9. 21B-Jesse Bryan, [10]; 10. 13-Nick Koehler, [22]; 11. 27X-Calvin Iverson, [17]; 12. 18-Tyler Werner, [12]; 13. R2-Jason Richardson, [15]; 14. 19P-Antonio Pintaro, [6]; 15. 68-Shadow Kitchner, [19]; 16. 31-Jason Vokovan, [16]; 17. 87-Christopher Johnson, [13]; 18. 343-John Ford, [18]; 19. 68L-Nick Lindquist, [20]; 20. (DNF) 89-Matt Klukas, [14]; 21. (DNF) 63JR-Brady Larson, [11]; 22. (DNF) 19-Josh Wahlstrom, [23]; (DNS) 15-Karl Kolek

Heat 1: 1. 21-Jacob Smith, [6]; 2. 18S-Clark Swartz, [4]; 3. 19P-Antonio Pintaro, [8]; 4. 21B-Jesse Bryan, [7]; 5. 87-Christopher Johnson, [1]; 6. 31-Jason Vokovan, [2]; 7. (DNF) 15-Karl Kolek, [3]; 8. (DNF) 19-Josh Wahlstrom, [5]
Heat 2: 1. 2-Gunnar Watkins, [3]; 2. 35-Grant Southworth, [4]; 3. 37-Travis Anderson, [8]; 4. 63JR-Brady Larson, [1]; 5. 89-Matt Klukas, [6]; 6. 27X-Calvin Iverson, [5]; 7. 68-Shadow Kitchner, [7]; 8. 68L-Nick Lindquist, [2]
Heat 3: 1. 22T-Michael Truscott, [1]; 2. 3JR-Shane Halopka, [2]; 3. 20-Denny Cutsforth, [7]; 4. 18-Tyler Werner, [4]; 5. R2-Jason Richardson, [6]; 6. 343-John Ford, [5]; 7. (DNF) 13-Nick Koehler, [3]