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>>> Red Cedar Speedway - September 22-23, 2017 Results <<<

Punky Manor Challenge of Champions
By Brad Erickson

Menomonie, Wisconsin (September 21, 22, and 23, 2017) the Red Cedar Speedway presented the 38th annual Punky Manor Challenge of Champions sponsored by Bill's Distributing & Tim's Automotive.  Amazingly warm temperatures greeted the crowd and a total of 217 race cars through three nights of action.  The track conditions were absolutely perfect, blazingly fast, and arguably the best in memory for the Punky.  The WISSOTA Poly Dome Dirt Track Series sanctioned Late Models (30), Modifieds (31), Super Stocks (32), Midwest Modifieds (44), Street Stocks (23), and Pure Stocks (24) competed,  In addition, the Red Cedar Speedway Hornets (13) and both the Limited Dirt Late Models (13) and 600 Mini Mods (7) were all in action.

Feature winner included AJ Diemel, Jake Hartung, Dan Gullixson, Tony Bahr (twice), Mike Knudtson, George Richards, Jeremy Johnson, and Jeff Provinzino.  The format included heat races being lined up by draw and the top 16 feature qualifiers decided by passing points.  The features were filled out by B Features with the top four taken out of the Midwest Modifieds and top eight from the remaining classes.

The WISSOTA Late Models saw three heats won by AJ Diemel, Jimmy Mars, and Darrell Nelson, as Jesse Glenz won the B Feature.  In the A Feature, outside front row starter Jake Redetzke took the early lead as pole sitter Jimmy Mars settled into second and set chase.  An early multi car crash in turn one saw Chad Mahder and Michael Keller unable to continue and Travis Budisalovich sustain enough damage to be eliminated a few laps later. Jim Carlson was able to restart the feature.

The restart saw Redetzke power out to a several car length lead as Mars and Diemel began to battle for second.  Diemel took the position as Nelson and Rick Hanestad filled out the top five.  Diemel continued his charge on the high side, closed the gap on the leader, and took the point for himself.  Mars followed suit and moved to second as Redetzke settled into third.

Laps continued to click off in the 40 lap event as Mars inched closer to the leader.  He got a terrific run off of turn four and moved outside of Diemel on the front stretch.  Diemel tried to move back up in front of Mars but Mars was already there and he was squeezed against the wall with a spectacular shower of sparks.  Both cars avoided a spin as Mars dropped back in behind the leader.  However, there was a great amount of tire smoke from the 28 and shortly thereafter a tire blew out, drawing the yellow and abruptly ending the ten time Punky Manor winner’s night.

The restart saw Diemel run unchallenged the remaining distance to the checkered flag as Nelson moved to second and Fegers moved to fifth.  The top five finishers included Diemel, Nelson, Redetzke, Hanestad, and Fegers.  After starting 13th in the B Feature and 21st in the A Main, John Kaanta finished sixth as Lance Matthees, Mike Prochnow, Nick Anvelink, and Jeffrey Massingill rounded out the top ten.  The retiring Harry Hanson was scored in 11th at the checkers.

The WISSOTA Modifieds saw four heats won by Brandon Jensen, Jake Hartung, Michael Truscott, and Kevin Adams, as Kelly Estey won the B Feature.  It was Hartung and Jensen on the front row of the feature as Hartung took the early lead and dominated the 30 lap event which was slowed only twice for cautions.  The race track was blistering fast as it was first Kevin Adams who chased Hartung in the runner up spot.  As the leaders were running in heavy lapped traffic, Cory Brugeman slowed on the front stretch, providing the only break in the action.

Coming back to green, there was a three car crash on the tail end of the group drawing the yellow.  The restart saw Dave Cain move to second over Adams as Hartung left the crowd behind.  Jimmy Mars moved to the top three from deep in the field as Mike Anderson, who also started outside the top ten moved to fifth.  They continued at impressive speeds to close out the event and Hartung added another big trophy to his case.  The top five finishers included Hartung, Cain, Mars, Adams, and Anderson.  Cory Mahder, Darrell Nelson, Jeremy Nelson, Michael Truscott, and Brandon Jensen rounded out the top ten.

The WISSOTA Super Stocks saw four heats won by Jeff Brauer, Nick Oreskovich, Eric Olson, and Tommy Richards, as Brian Mikkonen won the B Feature.  In the A Feature, Dan Gullixson moved from inside the second row to the lead as outside front row starter Oreskovich moved to second in in front of Brauer.  They continued to scorch the speedway for 18 consecutive laps with Steve Thomas in fourth and Eric Olson running in fifth.  Tommy Richards made a moved for the top five as Luke Schultz stalled on the inside of the backstretch and the yellow flew.

The last eight laps ran green as Gullikson lead the entire way to the checkers.  Richards drove to second but Oreskovich took the position back and Ben Hillman made a fine late charge into fourth. The top five finishers included Dan Gullikson, Nick Oreskovich, Tommy Richards, Ben Hillman, and pole sitter Jeff Brauer.  Steve Thomas, Scott Lawrence, Eric Olson, Shawn Huse, and Brian Mikkonen, who came out of the B Feature, rounded out the top ten.

In the WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds, Antonio Pintaro, Travis Anderson, Wayne Stricker, Derek Haas, and Matt Klukas won their respective heats. Michael Truscott won the first of two B Features as Tony Bahr moved from ninth to win the second.  It was the pole sitter, Jason Richardson early in the feature but he developed issues and lost power on lap five, trapping Travis Anderson directly behind and starting a chain reaction crash.  Richardson was out as Anderson suffered body damage to the nose. In the resulting crash behind, Matt Klukas, Jesse Bryan, Michael Truscott, Calvin Iverson, Jesse Aho, and Mark Kangas were collected with Kangas being unable to continue.

Notably on the restart, Tony Bahr had already cracked the top five as David Swearingen brought the field to green.  Unfortunately the lead was short lived as he spun and was relegated to the rear. Sticker lead the parade to green but Bahr swiftly moved into second and made short work of the leader.  Bahr took the point and was not going to look back as he completed an amazing run to the feature win.  

Meanwhile, Travis Anderson moved into second on the high side. Stricker was spun on the inside of turn two and it was Mark Thomas surprisingly called for the yellow as the spin looked to have possibly been caused by a different driver.  The restart saw Bahr and the outside row move forward as Karl Kolek moved into second and Halopka into third.  In the final run to the finish, it was Bahr to the win as Halopka overtook second.   

In an amazing passing fest, Tony Bahr parlayed an 18th position start to the win as Shane Halopka moved from 19th to second. Karl Kolek and Travis Anderson finished third and fourth as the third B Feature qualifier to finish in the top five saw Michael Truscott come from 17th.  Jake Smith, Wayne Stricker, and Jesse Aho, were followed again by B Feature runners Clark Swartz who started 20th as Shadow Kitchner drove from 23rd to a top ten finish.   

The WISSOTA Street Stocks saw three heats won by Danny Richards, Jay Kesan, and Michael Knudtson. Knudtson and Richards held the front row of the feature as Richards drove to the lead and continue to lead until the first caution of the event which was a red flag incident involving five cars.  A restart was aborted and a second restart saw Knudtson appear to make initial contact with the leader coming off turn two.  Knudtson drove inside Richards and drag raced him to turn three where he drove inside the leader, made contact, and drove him out of the bottom groove all the way to the loose dirt near the wall.  Knudtson made the pass to the lead on the extremely aggressive move, drawing a loud reaction from the crowd.

Under green, Knudtson led as Richards chased through a series of three more yellow flags which kept the pack tight.  Eventually under green, Richards moved inside of Knudtson in turn three but raced him cleanly through the corner.  Knudtson maintained the point but on the straightaway down the backstretch, Richards spun the leader much the the delight of the fans.  With Richards relegated to the rear for the on track payback, Knudtson raced unchallenged to the win.  

The top five finishers included Michael Knudtson, Jay Kesan, Adam Soltis, Karl Genett, and Kyle Genett. Hunter VanGilder, Travis Loew, Braden Brauer, 23rd starting Ron Hanestad, and Robert Seidler rounded out the top ten.
The WISSOTA Pure Stock heats saw Lucas Kallenbach, Dustin Doughty, and Kyle Copp win the heats as it was George Richards dominating the feature from outside the second row.  It was pole sitter Kyle Copp leading lap one and Richards taking over from there.  The first yellow flag flew for William Fisher coming to a halt on the backstretch on lap four.  The restart saw Krysta Doughty come to life and pass Dustin Doughty and Copp to move to fourth.
Kent Harmon’s decent run went up in smoke on on lap 14, diminishing Richards’ very solid lead.  On the restart, Dustin Doughty made a fine move to second from outside the top three. A three car caution saw Dean Pronschinske sent to the rear and back under green, it was a short lived run as a spinning car slowed action again. Once again back under green and as the leaders were taking the white flag, Kent Deutsch rolled to a stop on track.  
The green, white, checkered finish saw George Richards, Jeff Tisdale, Kyle Copp, Tyler Wahlstrom, and Dustin Doughty finish in the top five.  Dean Pronschinske rebounded to sixth as Tyler Hallquist, Lou Puzio, Nicholas Hazelton, and Chad Bowers finished in the top ten.

The Red Cedar Speedway Hornets saw Jeremy Johnson and Bradley York win the heats and Jeremy Johnson sweep the night in the feature.  Johnson took his pole starting position all the way to victory lane.  It was York early but a caution regrouped the feature and it was Johnson in the lead on the restart.  Dean Butler moved to second but faded as Johnson motored away.  

Two separate cautions brought Johnson back to the pack, but other than Jason Junker taking second and trying to close late, Johnson had them covered.  It was Johnson, Junker, York, Butler, and Alex Waldera in the top five.  Derrick Reed, Colin Nyseth, Chad Halterman, Jordan Langer, and Craig Oas were scored in the top ten.

The Limited Dirt Late Model heats were won by Denny Cutsforth and Kyle Johnson but Tony Bahr made no doubt about the feature as he won his first of two feature wins on the weekend.  Firstly, it was Cutsforth in the lead as Shaun Mann overtook the lead on lap two as Bahr moved to second.  Bahr methodically reeled in Mann and moved side by side with the leader.  A two lap battle ensued before Bahr took the point.  It was Lance Hofer dicing through traffic to the third position as he closed on the front two as they moved through lapped traffic to the checkers.  

Bahr, Mann, Hofer, Justin Sass, and Cutsforth were in the top five.  Johnny Emerson, Dennis Larson, Matt LaDuke, Barry Johnson, and Robbie Johnson were all scored in the top ten.

The 600 Mini Mods saw John Griffin win the heat and Joe Provizino won the feature.  There was one caution and Chris Gilbertson challenged for the lead late.  At the line it was Provizino, Gilbertson, John Griffin, Chad Dugan, and Chris Abts in the top five.

The Red Cedar Speedway has concluded its 2017 racing season and will return in April 2018.

A Modifieds

A Feature 1: 1. 05-Jake Hartung, [1]; 2. 2C-Dave Cain, [5]; 3. 2-Jimmy Mars, [14]; 4. 40-Kevin Adams, [3]; 5. 57-Mike Anderson, [11]; 6. 55-Cory Mahder, [6]; 7. 44-Darrell Nelson, [7]; 8. 4-Jeremy Nelson, [10]; 9. 22T-Michael Truscott, [4]; 10. 21B-Brandon Jensen, [2]; 11. 98-Al Uotinen, [15]; 12. 99-Neil Balduc, [9]; 13. 27H-Steve Hallquist, [19]; 14. 23-Kerry Halopka, [22]; 15. 99L-Steve Lavasseur, [23]; 16. 22B-Gary Baxter, [20]; 17. R1-Jason Richardson, [16]; 18. 3H-Jacob Hiatt, [24]; 19. (DNF) W-Cory Williams, [21]; 20. (DNF) 78-Brent Prochnow, [12]; 21. (DNF) 37-Kelly Estey, [17]; 22. (DNF) 4X-Steve Stuart, [18]; 23. (DNF) 81-Ashley Anderson, [13]; 24. (DNF) 11-Jody Bellefeuille, [8]

B Feature 1: 1. 37-Kelly Estey, [2]; 2. 4X-Steve Stuart, [6]; 3. 27H-Steve Hallquist, [3]; 4. 22B-Gary Baxter, [5]; 5. W-Cory Williams, [4]; 6. 23-Kerry Halopka, [1]; 7. 99L-Steve Lavasseur, [8]; 8. 3H-Jacob Hiatt, [11]; 9. 71-Todd Gehl, [10]; 10. 444-Tanner Byholm, [7]; 11. 78L-Ross Prochnow, [9]; 12. 3-Bryan Hessler, [14]; 13. 9-Josh Hessler, [15]; 14. 53-Scott Splittstoesser, [13]; 15. 12-Jake Hanson, [12]

Heat 1: 1. 21B-Brandon Jensen, [2]; 2. 2C-Dave Cain, [4]; 3. 4-Jeremy Nelson, [5]; 4. 81-Ashley Anderson, [7]; 5. 37-Kelly Estey, [6]; 6. 4X-Steve Stuart, [1]; 7. 78L-Ross Prochnow, [3]; 8. 3-Bryan Hessler, [8]

Heat 2: 1. 05-Jake Hartung, [8]; 2. 11-Jody Bellefeuille, [3]; 3. 44-Darrell Nelson, [7]; 4. 98-Al Uotinen, [1]; 5. 27H-Steve Hallquist, [6]; 6. 444-Tanner Byholm, [5]; 7. 71-Todd Gehl, [4]; 8. 12-Jake Hanson, [2]

Heat 3: 1. 22T-Michael Truscott, [1]; 2. 99-Neil Balduc, [2]; 3. 78-Brent Prochnow, [4]; 4. 57-Mike Anderson, [8]; 5. 23-Kerry Halopka, [7]; 6. 99L-Steve Lavasseur, [5]; 7. 3H-Jacob Hiatt, [6]; 8. 53-Scott Splittstoesser, [3]

Heat 4: 1. 40-Kevin Adams, [2]; 2. 55-Cory Mahder, [4]; 3. 2-Jimmy Mars, [3]; 4. R1-Jason Richardson, [1]; 5. W-Cory Williams, [5]; 6. 22B-Gary Baxter, [7]; 7. (DNF) 9-Josh Hessler, [6]

B Modifieds

A Feature 1: 1. 4QQ-Tony Bahr, [18]; 2. 3JR-Shane Halopka, [19]; 3. 15-Karl Kolek, [4]; 4. 37-Travis Anderson, [7]; 5. 22T-Michael Truscott, [17]; 6. 21-Jake Smith, [10]; 7. 12S-Wayne Stricker, [3]; 8. 25A-Jesse Aho, [13]; 9. 18S-Clark Swartz, [20]; 10. 68-Shadow Kitchner, [23]; 11. 21B-Jesse Bryan, [21]; 12. 221-Aric Lindberg, [15]; 13. 6H-Derek Haas, [2]; 14. 27X-Calvin Iverson, [11]; 15. T17-Tanner Hicks, [22]; 16. 19P-Antonio Pintaro, [6]; 17. 95X-Kent Baxter, [14]; 18. T25-Mark Thomas, [9]; 19. 28-Francis Hanson, [16]; 20. 6-Steve Haas, [24]; 21. (DNF) 5X-David Swearingen, [5]; 22. (DNF) 99-Mark Kangas, [12]; 23. (DNF) 89-Matt Klukas, [8]; 24. (DNF) R2-Jason Richardson, [1]

B Feature 1: 1. 22T-Michael Truscott, [2]; 2. 3JR-Shane Halopka, [3]; 3. 21B-Jesse Bryan, [1]; 4. 68-Shadow Kitchner, [11]; 5. 5-Reid Tiegs, [6]; 6. B37-Cody Borgeson, [4]; 7. 14S-Tyler Hudack, [5]; 8. 7P-Mark Rose, [8]; 9. 78-Nate Erickson, [9]; 10. 61-Andrea Keeney, [13]; 11. (DNF) 31-Jason Vokovan, [7]; 12. (DNF) 63JR-Brady Larson, [14]; 13. (DNF) 14J-James Kannegiesser, [12]; (DNS) 34JR-Dan Larson Jr, ; (DNS) 37X-Skeeter Estey,

B Feature 2: 1. 4QQ-Tony Bahr, [9]; 2. 18S-Clark Swartz, [1]; 3. T17-Tanner Hicks, [3]; 4. 6-Steve Haas, [4]; 5. 12JR-Jared Stricker, [5]; 6. 11JR-Andrew Inman, [13]; 7. 37V-Brent Voeltz, [7]; 8. 97G-Jared Gorka, [14]; 9. 97-Miranda Carlson, [10]; 10. 68L-Nick Lindquist, [11]; 11. 35B-Gary Baxter, [2]; 12. 20-Denny Cutsforth, [6]; 13. 24-Jeremy Wendt, [12]; (DNS) 87-Chris Johnson,

Heat 1: 1. 19P-Antonio Pintaro, [2]; 2. 27X-Calvin Iverson, [3]; 3. 25A-Jesse Aho, [5]; 4. 95X-Kent Baxter, [8]; 5. 3JR-Shane Halopka, [7]; 6. 14S-Tyler Hudack, [4]; 7. 20-Denny Cutsforth, [9]; 8. 78-Nate Erickson, [1]; 9. (DNF) 11JR-Andrew Inman, [6]

Heat 2: 1. 37-Travis Anderson, [2]; 2. 15-Karl Kolek, [7]; 3. 221-Aric Lindberg, [3]; 4. 21B-Jesse Bryan, [6]; 5. 22T-Michael Truscott, [8]; 6. 5-Reid Tiegs, [5]; 7. 31-Jason Vokovan, [9]; 8. (DNF) 68L-Nick Lindquist, [1]; 9. (DNF) 61-Andrea Keeney, [4]

Heat 3: 1. 12S-Wayne Stricker, [4]; 2. 5X-David Swearingen, [7]; 3. T25-Mark Thomas, [8]; 4. 35B-Gary Baxter, [2]; 5. 6-Steve Haas, [5]; 6. T17-Tanner Hicks, [9]; 7. 7P-Mark Rose, [6]; 8. 87-Chris Johnson, [1]; 9. (DNF) 24-Jeremy Wendt, [3]

Heat 4: 1. 6H-Derek Haas, [5]; 2. R2-Jason Richardson, [9]; 3. 28-Francis Hanson, [2]; 4. (DNF) 4QQ-Tony Bahr, [7]; 5. (DNF) 34JR-Dan Larson Jr, [1]; 6. (DNF) 97-Miranda Carlson, [3]; 7. (DNF) 68-Shadow Kitchner, [8]; 8. (DNF) 14J-James Kannegiesser, [6]; (DNS) 37X-Skeeter Estey,

Heat 5: 1. 89-Matt Klukas, [2]; 2. 99-Mark Kangas, [1]; 3. 21-Jake Smith, [8]; 4. 18S-Clark Swartz, [6]; 5. B37-Cody Borgeson, [3]; 6. 12JR-Jared Stricker, [4]; 7. 37V-Brent Voeltz, [5]; 8. 97G-Jared Gorka, [9]; 9. (DNF) 63JR-Brady Larson, [7]

Dirt Late Models

A Feature 1: 1. 58-AJ Diemel, [3]; 2. 44-Darrell Nelson, [4]; 3. 27-Jake Redetzke, [2]; 4. 71-Rick Hanestad, [5]; 5. F19-Marshall Fegers, [9]; 6. 85-John Kaanta, [21]; 7. 90-Lance Matthees, [7]; 8. 68-Mike Prochnow, [10]; 9. 15-Nick Anvelink, [11]; 10. 6M-Jeffrey Massingill, [15]; 11. 7-Harry Hanson, [14]; 12. 7X-Jesse Glenz, [17]; 13. 55N-Greg Nippoldt, [19]; 14. UPI-Terry Lillo, [20]; 15. 11-James Giossi, [6]; 16. 7C-Jim Carlson, [24]; 17. (DNF) 28-Jimmy Mars, [1]; 18. (DNF) 122-Cole Spacek, [8]; 19. (DNF) 3-Brett Swedberg, [12]; 20. (DNF) 13-Mark Hessler, [16]; 21. (DNF) 31-Travis Budisalovich, [23]; 22. (DNF) ROSE-Mark Rose, [22]; 23. (DNF) 71M-Chad Mahder, [18]; 24. (DNF) 31K-Michael Keller, [13]

B Feature 1: 1. 7X-Jesse Glenz, [3]; 2. 71M-Chad Mahder, [10]; 3. 55N-Greg Nippoldt, [2]; 4. UPI-Terry Lillo, [5]; 5. 85-John Kaanta, [13]; 6. ROSE-Mark Rose, [1]; 7. 31-Travis Budisalovich, [14]; 8. 7C-Jim Carlson, [7]; 9. 22-Cale Berry, [6]; 10. 55-John Meeds, [9]; 11. BOH-Ben Hanke, [12]; 12. 20-Denny Cutsforth, [4]; 13. 14-Robbie Johnson, [11]; (DQ) 71JR-Buddy Hanestad, [8]

Heat 1: 1. 58-AJ Diemel, [4]; 2. 27-Jake Redetzke, [8]; 3. 122-Cole Spacek, [5]; 4. 7-Harry Hanson, [1]; 5. 6M-Jeffrey Massingill, [6]; 6. ROSE-Mark Rose, [3]; 7. 20-Denny Cutsforth, [2]; 8. 22-Cale Berry, [9]; 9. (DNF) BOH-Ben Hanke, [10]; 10. (DNF) 31-Travis Budisalovich, [7]

Heat 2: 1. 28-Jimmy Mars, [6]; 2. 90-Lance Matthees, [3]; 3. 3-Brett Swedberg, [1]; 4. 11-James Giossi, [10]; 5. 31K-Michael Keller, [8]; 6. 13-Mark Hessler, [9]; 7. UPI-Terry Lillo, [7]; 8. 7C-Jim Carlson, [5]; 9. 55-John Meeds, [2]; 10. (DNF) 85-John Kaanta, [4]

Heat 3: 1. 44-Darrell Nelson, [2]; 2. 71-Rick Hanestad, [5]; 3. F19-Marshall Fegers, [4]; 4. 68-Mike Prochnow, [7]; 5. 15-Nick Anvelink, [10]; 6. 55N-Greg Nippoldt, [3]; 7. 7X-Jesse Glenz, [8]; 8. 71JR-Buddy Hanestad, [6]; 9. 71M-Chad Mahder, [9]; 10. 14-Robbie Johnson, [1]

Super Stocks

A Feature 1: 1. 31X-Dan Gullikson, [3]; 2. 21F-Nick Oreskovich, [2]; 3. 7R-Tommy Richards, [6]; 4. 22JR-Ben Hillman, [7]; 5. 34-Jeff Brauer, [1]; 6. T17-Steve Thomas, [5]; 7. 77-Scott Lawrence, [10]; 8. 1E-Eric Olson, [4]; 9. 99-Shawn Huse, [9]; 10. 11X-Brian Mikkonen, [17]; 11. 22T-Terran Spacek, [14]; 12. 9-Adam Soltis, [11]; 13. 17-Wayne Dean, [19]; 14. 7S-Eric Schultz, [15]; 15. 9K-Jesse Redetzke, [23]; 16. 33-Cooper Berlin, [16]; 17. 1-Matt Koski, [24]; 18. 11-Kevin Salin, [20]; 19. 92-Aaron Wilson, [8]; 20. 56-Chad Gullixson, [12]; 21. 96-Luke Schultz, [13]; 22. 0-Brandon Duellman, [21]; 23. 8-Jim Harris, [18]; 24. 25-Chad Johnson, [22]

B Feature 1: 1. 11X-Brian Mikkonen, [1]; 2. 8-Jim Harris, [3]; 3. 17-Wayne Dean, [5]; 4. 11-Kevin Salin, [2]; 5. 0-Brandon Duellman, [15]; 6. 25-Chad Johnson, [6]; 7. 9K-Jesse Redetzke, [13]; 8. 1-Matt Koski, [9]; 9. 11T-Denny Schouveller, [10]; 10. 3Z-Eric Zitelman, [7]; 11. 14-Brad Johnson, [8]; 12. (DNF) 21-Mike Siewert, [11]; 13. (DNF) 89-Tyler Lamm, [16]; 14. (DNF) 27-Tony Falkner, [4]; (DNS) 26-Rick Hallquist, ; (DNS) 777-AJ Morrissette,

Heat 1: 1. 34-Jeff Brauer, [8]; 2. 92-Aaron Wilson, [3]; 3. 96-Luke Schultz, [1]; 4. 33-Cooper Berlin, [2]; 5. 11-Kevin Salin, [6]; 6. 25-Chad Johnson, [4]; 7. 1-Matt Koski, [5]; 8. (DNF) 89-Tyler Lamm, [7]

Heat 2: 1. 21F-Nick Oreskovich, [4]; 2. 77-Scott Lawrence, [1]; 3. 99-Shawn Huse, [6]; 4. 9-Adam Soltis, [7]; 5. 7S-Eric Schultz, [8]; 6. (DNF) 26-Rick Hallquist, [3]; 7. (DNF) 9K-Jesse Redetzke, [2]; 8. (DNF) 777-AJ Morrissette, [5]

Heat 3: 1. 1E-Eric Olson, [3]; 2. 31X-Dan Gullikson, [7]; 3. T17-Steve Thomas, [8]; 4. 11X-Brian Mikkonen, [2]; 5. 27-Tony Falkner, [1]; 6. 3Z-Eric Zitelman, [5]; 7. 14-Brad Johnson, [4]; 8. (DNF) 0-Brandon Duellman, [6]

Heat 4: 1. 7R-Tommy Richards, [1]; 2. 22JR-Ben Hillman, [4]; 3. 22T-Terran Spacek, [2]; 4. 56-Chad Gullixson, [7]; 5. 8-Jim Harris, [6]; 6. 17-Wayne Dean, [8]; 7. 11T-Denny Schouveller, [5]; 8. 21-Mike Siewert, [3]