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>>> Red Cedar Speedway - June 30, 2017 Results <<<

Hanestad at Red Cedar Speedway

by Brad Erickson

Menomonie, Wisconsin (June 30, 2017) the Red Cedar Speedway presented Pack the Stands Night with half price grandstand admission featuring the NVSR Vintage Cars and UMSS Traditionals (Sprint cars).  The WISSOTA Poly Dome Dirt Track Series sanctioned Super Stocks, Midwest Modifieds, Street Stocks, Pure Stocks and RCS Hornets were also in action as.  24-7 Telcom sponsored the racing night.  There were no Late Models or Modifieds on the card.  Feature winners included Nick Koehler, Ron Hanestad, Dustin Doughty, William Voeltz, and Jimmy Kouba.  A rainstorm just before the event delayed the start of racing and the Super Stock feature was postponed to next Friday night due to curfew rules.

Josh Smith, Travis Anderson, and Nick Koehler scored heat wins in the Midwest Modifieds as Koehler went on to sweep the night in the feature action.  The initial start was aborted due to a spin, but the second attempt saw pole sitter Derek Haas take control and look very fast out front.  A spinning John Wilson slowed the action a few laps into the event and the restart saw Koehler already sitting in second position after starting sixth on the field.

Under green, Koehler searched high and low for a route past the leader, but Haas was too strong.  Meanwhile, Gunnar Watkins had driven from seventh to third and he started to pressure Koehler.  The yellow flag flew again as Andrea Keeney and Shadow Kistner spun in turn two with Kistner being called at fault.  Again on the restart, Haas looked great as Koehler pressured but could not take the position.  The yellow flew again for Kistner as his damaged car was not able to clear the raceway.

The attempted restart was aborted again for a caution, and when the field was finally under green, it was Koehler with an outstanding start to get inside of Haas.  Haas battled back, bobbled, and Watkins and Josh Wahlstrom took advantage, getting past for second and third.  The caution raised its head again as Steve Haas was spun and returned to his position on the restart.  One last green flag flew as Koehler and Watkins moved out front together in a run to the checkers and Wahlstrom held off Travis Anderson in a side by side battle for third.  

As the leaders were finishing, a spinning car in turns three and four collect Dan Larson Jr. who rolled over on the raceway.  The red flag was displayed, reports indicated the driver was safe and well, and the remainder of the field finished under the red flag condition.  It was Denny Cutsforth scored in fifth and Derek Haas in sixth.

The Street Stocks saw Mike Knudtson and Sam Fankhauser win the heats as Ashley Wahlstrom took the lead of the feature from the pole.  Wahlstrom lead early as Jake Hessler ran second in front of Ron Hanestad.  Warren Hanson spun in turn two to draw the first caution of the event.  The restart saw Hanestad drive into the lead but Fankhauser made extremely hard contact with the turns one and two wall.  The red flag flew and the car was heavily damaged but reports indicated the driver was not seriously injured.  

Once again under green Wahlstrom restarted as the leader, but Hanestad was quicker and moved to the point in the low line.  Danny Richards began to challenge Wahlstrom for the runner up spot, and after a battle, drove underneath her, bringing Knudtson with into third.  As the three stellar competitors set out to settle it on their own, Knudtson worked under Richards.  Armond Love spun in turn two, just moments before Knudtson spun under Richards in an attempt to take second.  Love was called for the caution and a green white checkered restart was in order.  

Richards moved to the outside of Hanestad on the first of the two laps and looked as if he would steal the show; however, Hanestad regained control coming the white flag.  It was Hanestad topping the field as Richards drove home in second over Knudtson.  Wahlstrom finished fourth over Hessler at the line.

The Pure Stocks heats were won by Jeff Tisdale and Michael Blevins.  It was Dustin Doughty dominating the feature as he moved from fourth to the lead in turn one at the start in a aggressive bid for the point.  Dean Pronschinske looked fast as he moved into second but behind him there was a three car battle for third as Kent Harmon, Tisdale, and George Richards fought for the position.  Soon Pat Smith joined the fray.  In front, Doughty was checked out on the field as Harmon worked low on Pronschinske, grabbed the position, and Richards followed him through.  The yellow flag flew on the final lap but the race was called official and Doughty won in a no doubt about it fashion.  Harmon was the runner up over Richards, Pronschinske, and Smith in fifth.

Derek Krumrie and Bradley York won the hornet heats as York bolted from the pole position to the lead in the feature.  York ran out front as Jordan Langer moved into second position.  A caution flag flew when Adam Hackbarth crashed on the front stretch.  Unfortunately, a sponsor sign blocked this writer’s view so I can not report on the cause.  The restart saw ninth starting William Voeltz move to second and begin to challenge for the lead.  He and York raced side by side for two and a half laps before York was passed for the point as they approached the white flag.  It was Voeltz, York, Langer, Dean Butler, and Sean Svee in the top five.

The traditional sprints were dominated by the Kouba’s as Jimmy and Jake Kouba both won their heats and Jimmy won the feature, leading every lap.  Jake Kouba raced to second and challenged for the lead a few separate times, but was unable to claim the position.  Their complete results and write up are available at the UMSS Traditional website.

The Red Cedar Speedway will return to racing action on Friday July 7, 2017, as Dick’s Rv presents Military Night, offering free grandstand admission with military ID.  The WISSOTA Poly Dome Dirt Track Series sanctioned Late Models, Modifieds, Super Stocks, Midwest Modifieds, Street Stocks, Pure Stocks, and RCS Hornets will be on hand. Once again, Realtor Shelly Watkins will pay out $50.00 to the hard charger. The money is awarded to the feature winner who won from the furthest position in the field. Ninth starting William Voeltz earned the Hard Charger bonus on this night of racing.

General Beer WISSOTA Super Stock Feature:  Postponed until 07-07-2017

Heat 1: 1. 22JR-Ben Hillman, [1]; 2. 207-Jesse Redetzke, [3]; 3. 22-Dan Nissalke, [2]; 4. 56-Chad Gullixson, [5]; 5. 27-Tony Falkner, [9]; 6. 20-Cory Davis, [7]; 7. 96-Luke Schultz, [8]; 8. 37-Jay Oricchio, [6]; 9. (DNF) 33-Cooper Berlin, [4]

Heat 2: 1. 7R-Tommy Richards, [1]; 2. 31X-Dan Gullikson A, [4]; 3. 8-Jim Harris, [3]; 4. 2-Bart Steffen, [7]; 5. 26-Rick Hallquist, [8]; 6. 89-Tyler Lamm, [6]; 7. 3Z-Eric Zitelman, [5]; 8. 777-AJ Morrissette, [2]; 9. (DNF) 9ER-Troy Fransway, [9]

Southworth Chevrolet WISSOTA Midwest Modified Feature: 1. 13-Nick Koehler, [6]; 2. 2-Gunnar Watkins, [7]; 3. 19-Josh Wahlstrom, [2]; 4. 37-Travis Anderson, [8]; 5. 20-Denny Cutsforth, [5]; 6. 6H-Derek Haas, [1]; 7. 21-Jacob Smith, [23]; 8. 21B-Jesse Bryan, [4]; 9. 21J-Josh Smith, [9]; 10. 89-Matt Klukas, [19]; 11. US-Jonathan Olmscheid, [14]; 12. 34jr-Dan Larson Jr, [3]; 13. 6-Steve Haas, [11]; 14. 87-Chris Johnson, [18]; 15. 7W-John Wilson, [22]; 16. 61-Andrea Keeney, [17]; 17. (DNF) 3JR-Shane Halopka, [13]; 18. (DNF) 27X-Calvin Iverson, [15]; 19. (DNF) 15-Karl Kolek, [16]; 20. (DNF) 18S-Clark Swartz, [10]; 21. (DNF) 68-Shadow Kitchner, [21]; 22. (DNF) 19P-Antonio Pintaro, [12]; 23. (DNF) 97G-Jared Gorka, [20]

Heat 1: 1. 21J-Josh Smith, [4]; 2. 20-Denny Cutsforth, [2]; 3. 19-Josh Wahlstrom, [6]; 4. 18S-Clark Swartz, [1]; 5. 3JR-Shane Halopka, [3]; 6. 15-Karl Kolek, [7]; 7. 89-Matt Klukas, [8]; 8. 68-Shadow Kitchner, [5]

Heat 2: 1. 37-Travis Anderson, [5]; 2. 6H-Derek Haas, [7]; 3. 34jr-Dan Larson Jr, [4]; 4. 6-Steve Haas, [2]; 5. US-Jonathan Olmscheid, [6]; 6. 61-Andrea Keeney, [3]; 7. (DNF) 21-Jacob Smith, [1]

Heat 3: 1. 13-Nick Koehler, [5]; 2. 21B-Jesse Bryan, [2]; 3. 2-Gunnar Watkins, [7]; 4. 19P-Antonio Pintaro, [4]; 5. 27X-Calvin Iverson, [1]; 6. 87-Chris Johnson, [3]; 7. 97G-Jared Gorka, [8]; 8. 7W-John Wilson, [6]

WISSOTA Street Stocks: 1. 71H-Ron Hanestad, [5]; 2. 3R-Danny Richards, [8]; 3. 42K-Michael Knudtson, [6]; 4. 19-Ashley Wahlstrom, [1]; 5. 53-Jake Hessler, [3]; 6. 007-Jess Seim, [2]; 7. 29-Armond Love, [4]; 8. 27-Dale Holte, [10]; 9. (DNF) 12-Warren Hanson, [9]; 10. (DNF) 11-Sam Fankhauser, [7]

Heat 1: 1. 42K-Michael Knudtson, [2]; 2. 71H-Ron Hanestad, [4]; 3. 53-Jake Hessler, [3]; 4. 29-Armond Love, [5]; 5. 12-Warren Hanson, [1]

Heat 2: 1. 11-Sam Fankhauser, [2]; 2. 3R-Danny Richards, [4]; 3. 19-Ashley Wahlstrom, [1]; 4. 007-Jess Seim, [3]; 5. 27-Dale Holte, [5]

WISSOTA Pure Stocks: 1. D1-Dustin Doughty, [4]; 2. E3-Kent Harmon, [5]; 3. 5R-George Richards, [6]; 4. 49-Dean Pronschinske, [3]; 5. R44-Pat Smith, [7]; 6. 10-Michael Blevins, [8]; 7. 03-Krysta Doughty, [9]; 8. 15-Jeff Tisdale, [2]; 9. 66T-James Thur, [10]; 10. 7-Kent Deutsch, [11]; 11. (DNF) 28-Stefan Hogue, [1]

Heat 1: 1. 15-Jeff Tisdale, [2]; 2. R44-Pat Smith, [1]; 3. 49-Dean Pronschinske, [3]; 4. 5R-George Richards, [5]; 5. 03-Krysta Doughty, [4]; 6. 66T-James Thur, [6]

Heat 2: 1. 10-Michael Blevins, [4]; 2. D1-Dustin Doughty, [5]; 3. E3-Kent Harmon, [2]; 4. 28-Stefan Hogue, [3]; 5. (DNF) 7-Kent Deutsch, [1]

RCS Hornets: 1. 41V-William Voeltz, [9]; 2. 17-Bradley York, [1]; 3. 34-Jordan Langer, [3]; 4. 18B-Dean Butler, [4]; 5. 383-Sean Svee, [5]; 6. 33-Derek Krumrie, [8]; 7. 76-Jake Halterman, [6]; 8. 67-Jason Holte, [7]; 9. 49-Derrick Reed, [10]; 10. 14B-Lucas Brackin, [2]; 11. (DNF) 3229-Chad Walera, [14]; 12. (DNF) 1H-Ross Hoffman, [11]; 13. (DNF) 21-Adam Hackbarth, [12]; (DNS) 958-Dan Little

Heat 1: 1. 33-Derek Krumrie, [2]; 2. 67-Jason Holte, [4]; 3. 383-Sean Svee, [1]; 4. 18B-Dean Butler, [3]; 5. 41V-William Voeltz, [6]; 6. 1H-Ross Hoffman, [7]; 7. 958-Dan Little, [5]

Heat 2: 1. 17-Bradley York, [3]; 2. 76-Jake Halterman, [1]; 3. 34-Jordan Langer, [7]; 4. 14B-Lucas Brackin, [6]; 5. 49-Derrick Reed, [5]; 6. 21-Adam Hackbarth, [2]; 7. 3229-Chad Walera, [4]