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>>> Red Cedar Speedway - August 25, 2017 Results <<<

Red Cedar Speedway Championships
By Brad Erickson

Menomonie, Wisconsin (August 25, 2017) the Red Cedar Speedway, Keyes Chevrolet, Mars Racing, Snap-On by Aaron Wold, and Quality Auto Body presented the 2017 Season Championships.  The WISSOTA Poly Dome Dirt Track Series sanctioned Late Models, Modifieds, Super Stocks, Midwest Modifieds, Street Stocks, Pure Stocks and Hornets were all in action. Feature winner included Mike Prochnow, Kevin Adams, Tommy Richards, Nick Koehler, Danny Richards, George Richards, and William Voeltz.

In the Season Championship format, heat races are lined up according to season points with the highest on the pole and working the way back down through the points.  The features are lined up straight up from the heat finishes. Rains throughout the week and both on race day and shortly before the scheduled start of the event saw a delay in the beginning of the night's action.  The track crew and driver’s alike scrambled to get the track back into racing condition.  The racing surface was very tacky and fast but also provided for a relatively narrow racing groove.  Heats and features were shortened up somewhat to allow all classes to be able to compete on the evening.

The T.L. Sinz Plumbing Late Models saw Mike Prochnow win his heat and sweep the night in the feature.  Prochnow was never seriously challenged on his way to the win.  There was little passing as the premium class assaulted the track at high speeds.  Ricky Hanestad started on the outside of row one and drove home in second, in front of Jake Redetzke, John Kaanta, and Mark Hessler.

The Tim's Automotive and Machine Modified heats her won by Kevin Adams and Josh Hessler as Adams made short work of starting on the pole, grabbing a large lead, and driving to the win.  Mike Anderson settled into second but broke down before the finish, relinquishing the position to a very stout appearing Tony Schill. Steve Hallquist, Kerry Halopka, and Hessler rounded out the top five.

The General Beer Super Stock heats were won by Tommy Richards and Jesse Redetzke.  The pole sitter Richards went on to win the feature, but it was more difficult than in the two higher classes.  Richards lead from the green flag as Redetzke and Ben Hillman raced side by side for second.  Redetzke took the position, closed on Richards, and challenged for the lead on the high side.  A caution for a spin reset the action and Redetzke chose to start on the outside of row two.

On the restart, is was still Richards up front, but Hillman took control of second as Dan Gullixson took over third.  Redetzke faded somewhat to fourth.  Once again, a spinner slowed the race and this time Hillman chose the outside of row two on the restart.  Richards brought them to green and led the remainder of the event as Hillman shadowed him to the line.  Gullixson finished in third ahead of Redetzke as Steve Thomas rounded out the top five.

Nick Koehler, Travis Anderson, and Shane Halopka scored heat wins in the Midwest Modifieds as Koehler led the field to green in the feature.  Koehler got bound up on the first lap with a bobble in turn two which trapped Anderson behind him and Halopka took advantage moving from third to the lead.  A caution flag on lap five reset the field with no change in the running order.  One lap after the restart, the 15 car spun, collecting Denny Cutsforth.  The restart saw a multicar melee which delayed the action once again.

Back under green, Halopka went high in turn two and Koehler made an impressive move to get by for the lead.  Koehler set sail as Halopka settled into second and Josh Smith along with Grant Southworth moved up and Anderson sat in fifth.  A second spin by the 15 car slowed the action for the last time.  The green flag flew and the top five ran to the checkers without a change in the running order.

The Street Stocks saw Danny Richards and Mike Knudtson win the heats and finish one two in the feature.  Richards was never challenged until late for the win.  Initially, Knudtson had to hold off a hard charging Danny Hanson but they settled in throughout the race.  A sudden spin by a fifth running Ashley Wahlstrom saw much of the field scramble to miss her with Jake Hessler sustaining damage.  The race was restarted but the yellow flew when much of Hessler's body on the passenger side of the car tore free and came to rest on the track.  

The restart saw Knudtson attempt a bold pass by driving well over the tires with little but his outside tires still on the raceway.  He was able to get underneath Richards twice, but Richards withstood the challenge and drove on to the win.  Knudtson finished second over Danny Hanson, Kolby Kiehl in fourth, and a last starting Braden Brauer who drove through the field for a fifth place finish.

The Pure Stocks heats were won by Kent Harmon and George Richards and it was Harmon leading the first several laps of the feature.  Richards first looked under the leader but could not make the pass.  He readjusted and moved up the track and was able to drive to the point.  Once out front, Richards drove away as Harmon was able to finish second over Pat Smith, Krysta Doughty, and Jeff Tisdale.

William Voeltz and Derrick Krumrie won their heats and they too finished one two in the feature.  It was Voeltz bolting out front to lead every lap as Krumrie was able to run with him but not challenge for the pass.  A distance behind, Jordan Langer, Dean Butler, and Bradley York ran together to settle the eventual top five.

Realtor Shelly Watkins paid out $50.00 to the hard charger as second starting George Richards was the only non-pole starting winner on the night.  All six classes were won from the front row.  

The Red Cedar Speedway has concluded its regular season and will not race again until September 21, 22, and 23 for the 38th Annual Punkt Manor Challenge of Champions presented by Bill’s Distributing and Tim’s Automotive and Machine.  

T.L. Sinz Plumbing WISSOTA Late Model Feature: A Feature 1: 1. 68-Mike Prochnow, [1]; 2. 71-Rick Hanestad, [2]; 3. 27-Jake Redetzke, [4]; 4. 85-John Kaanta, [5]; 5. 13-Mark Hessler, [6]; 6. 71JR-Buddy Hanestad, [7]; 7. 51-Randy Gullixson, [8]; 8. (DNF) 31-Michael Keller, [3]; (DNS) 14-Robbie Johnson
Heat 1: 1. 68-Mike Prochnow, [1]; 2. 71-Rick Hanestad, [3]; 3. 31-Michael Keller, [2]; 4. 27-Jake Redetzke, [5]; 5. 85-John Kaanta, [4]; 6. 13-Mark Hessler, [7]; 7. 71JR-Buddy Hanestad, [8]; 8. 51-Randy Gullixson, [9]; 9. (DNF) 14-Robbie Johnson, [6]

Tim’s Automotive and Machine WISSOTA Modifieds: 1. 40-Kevin Adams [1], 2. 8s-Tony Schill [7], 3. 27-Steve Hallquist [5], 4. 23-Kerry Halopka [4], 5. 9-Josh Hessler [2], 6. W-Cory Williams [10], 7. 12-Jake Hanson [9], 8. 57-Mike Anderson [3] DNF, 9. 81-Ashley Anderson [8] DNF, R1-Jason Richardson, DNS
Heat 1: 1. 40-Kevin Adams [1], 2. 57-Mike Anderson [2] DNF, 3. 27-Steve Hallquist [5], 2. 8s-Tony Schill [4}, 5. 12-Jake Hanson [3]
Heat 2: 1. 9-Josh Hessler [3], 2. 23-Kerry Halopka [2], 3. R1-Jason Richardson [5], 4.  81-Ashley Anderson [1] 5. W-Cory Williams [4] DNF

General Beer WISSOTA Super Stock Feature: 1. 7R-Tommy Richards, [1]; 2. 22JR-Ben Hillman, [3]; 3. 31X-Dan Gullikson, [5]; 4. 207-Jesse Redetzke, [2]; 5. T17-Steve Thomas, [7]; 6. 56-Chad Gullixson, [11]; 7. 9ER-Troy Fransway, [6]; 8. 9-Adam Soltis, [10]; 9. 27-Tony Falkner, [4]; 10. 3Z-Eric Zitelman, [8]; 11. 1-Matt Koski, [14]; 12. 89-Tyler Lamm, [12]; 13. (DNF) 17-Wayne Dean, [13]; 14. (DNF) 8-Jim Harris, [9]; 15. (DNF) 777-AJ Morrissette, [15]; (DNS) 26-Rick Hallquist,
Heat 1: 1. 7R-Tommy Richards, [1]; 2. 22JR-Ben Hillman, [2]; 3. 31X-Dan Gullikson, [4]; 4. T17-Steve Thomas, [6]; 5. 8-Jim Harris, [5]; 6. 56-Chad Gullixson, [3]; 7. 17-Wayne Dean, [8]; 8. 777-AJ Morrissette, [7]
Heat 2: 1. 207-Jesse Redetzke, [1]; 2. 27-Tony Falkner, [2]; 3. 9ER-Troy Fransway, [5]; 4. 3Z-Eric Zitelman, [8]; 5. 9-Adam Soltis, [7]; 6. 89-Tyler Lamm, [4]; 7. 1-Matt Koski, [6]; 8. (DNF) 26-Rick Hallquist, [3]

Southworth Chevrolet WISSOTA Midwest Modified Feature: 1. 13-Nick Koehler, [1]; 2. 3JR-Shane Halopka, [3]; 3. 21J-Josh Smith, [7]; 4. 35-Grant Southworth, [5]; 5. 37-Travis Anderson, [2]; 6. 21B-Jesse Bryan, [8]; 7. 21-Jake Smith, [4]; 8. 68L-Nick Lindquist, [17]; 9. 27X-Calvin Iverson, [11]; 10. T25-Mark Thomas, [14]; 11. 34JR-Dan Larson Jr, [12]; 12. 89-Matt Klukas, [16]; 13. 37V-Brent Voeltz, [13]; 14. 87-Chris Johnson, [15]; 15. 24-Jeremy Wendt, [18]; 16. (DNF) 20-Denny Cutsforth, [10]; 17. (DNF) 15-Karl Kolek, [9]; 18. (DNF) 18S-Clark Swartz, [6]; (DNS) R2-Jay Richardson,
Heat 1: 1. 13-Nick Koehler, [1]; 2. 21-Jake Smith, [3]; 3. 21J-Josh Smith, [5]; 4. 20-Denny Cutsforth, [2]; 5. 37V-Brent Voeltz, [6]; 6. 89-Matt Klukas, [4]; 7. R2-Jay Richardson, [7]
Heat 2: 1. 37-Travis Anderson, [1]; 2. 35-Grant Southworth, [4]; 3. 21B-Jesse Bryan, [3]; 4. 27X-Calvin Iverson, [2]; 5. T25-Mark Thomas, [5]; 6. 68L-Nick Lindquist, [6]
Heat 3: 1. 3JR-Shane Halopka, [1]; 2. 18S-Clark Swartz, [2]; 3. 15-Karl Kolek, [4]; 4. 34JR-Dan Larson Jr, [3]; 5. 87-Chris Johnson, [5]; 6. 24-Jeremy Wendt, [6]

WISSOTA Street Stocks: 1: 1. 3R-Danny Richards, [1]; 2. 42K-Michael Knudtson, [2]; 3. 5-Danny Hanson, [4]; 4. 9K-Kolby Kiehl, [3]; 5. 34JR-Braden Brauer, [11]; 6. 24-James Clausen, [9]; 7. 53-Jacob Hessler, [6]; 8. 12-Warren Hanson, [7]; 9. 27-Dale Holte, [10]; 10. 007-Jess Seim, [8]; 11. (DNF) 19-Ashley Wahlstrom, [5]
Heat 1: 1. 3R-Danny Richards, [1]; 2. 9K-Kolby Kiehl, [5]; 3. 19-Ashley Wahlstrom, [2]; 4. 12-Warren Hanson, [3]; 5. 24-James Clausen, [6]; 6. (DNF) 34JR-Braden Brauer, [4]
Heat 2: 1. 42K-Michael Knudtson, [1]; 2. 5-Danny Hanson, [5]; 3. 53-Jacob Hessler, [3]; 4. 007-Jess Seim, [2]; 5. 27-Dale Holte, [4]

WISSOTA Pure Stocks: 1: 1. 5R-George Richards, [2]; 2. E3-Kent Harmon, [1]; 3. R44-Pat Smith, [3]; 4. 03-Krysta Doughty, [5]; 5. 15-Jeff Tisdale, [4]; 6. 9-Cole Hill, [6]; 7. 7-Kent Deutsch, [9]; 8. 70-Andrew Conklin, [10]; 9. 49-Dean Pronschinske, [8]; 10. (DNF) D1-Dustin Doughty, [7]
Heat 1: 1. E3-Kent Harmon, [1]; 2. R44-Pat Smith, [5]; 3. 03-Krysta Doughty, [3]; 4. D1-Dustin Doughty, [2]; 5. 7-Kent Deutsch, [4]
Heat 2: 1. 5R-George Richards, [1]; 2. 15-Jeff Tisdale, [2]; 3. 9-Cole Hill, [3]; 4. 49-Dean Pronschinske, [4]; 5. (DNF) 70-Andrew Conklin, [5]

RCS Hornets: 1. 41V-William Voeltz, [1]; 2. 33-Derek Krumrie, [2]; 3. 34-Jordan Langer, [4]; 4. 18B-Dean Butler, [6]; 5. 17-Bradley York, [3]; 6. 14B-Lucas Brackin, [7]; 7. 80-Matthew Schaar, [5]; 8. 1H-Ross Hoffman, [9]; 9. 27XX-Colin Nyseth, [8]; 10. 14-Kaden Baldwin, [10]; (DNS) 103-Dave Clausen,
Heat 1: 1. 41V-William Voeltz, [1]; 2. 17-Bradley York, [2]; 3. 80-Matthew Schaar, [6]; 4. 14B-Lucas Brackin, [3]; 5. 1H-Ross Hoffman, [4]; 6. 14-Kaden Baldwin, [5]
Heat 2: 1. 33-Derek Krumrie, [1]; 2. 34-Jordan Langer, [2]; 3. 18B-Dean Butler, [4]; 4. 27XX-Colin Nyseth, [5]; 5. (DNF) 103-Dave Clausen, [3]