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Greetings Red Cedar Speedway Friends and Supporters,

On Wednesday March 17, 2021 the Dunn County Board of Supervisors will vote on whether to allow the Red Cedar Racing Association to open Red Cedar Speedway for the 2021 race season.

Our goal is have YOU, the fans, sponsors, race teams and employees of Red Cedar Speedway respectfully reach out to the 29 Dunn County Board of Supervisors and show your support for the Red Cedar Speedway to be open for the 2021 race season.  Please make your voice heard in a positive way.

Red Cedar Racing Association and Dunn County government officials have built an excellent relationship during this process.  

Our actions today will not only impact the opportunity to race the 2021 season, but they will also play a key role in future contract negotiations. Our County officials approve future contracts between RCRA and Dunn County. We are asking that you reach out, through email and/or phone calls,to county supervisors. 

If You are a Dunn County resident and do not know who your supervisor is go to Dunn County Supervisors Map.  You can find the contact information for County Supervisors at go to Dunn County Board of Supervisors then go to County Board of Supervisors Directory. Once you find your supervisor please reach out to them as well as other county supervisors via phone and e-mail.  We have also included email and phone contact information.  Not a Dunn County resident or business?  Please feel free to still reach out to all the county supervisors.  Every vote counts in order to open Red Cedar Speedway for the 2021 race season.

Our mission should be to inform them on how our racing community can be cooperative, progressive and unified in our quest to open safely and that we can conform to these COVID pandemic procedures, guidelines and protocols agreed upon with.  By creating a dialogue between the racing community and county officials we can show our compassion and express the critical role racing at Red Cedar Speedwayplays in the health of the local economy while providing a quality, family based, entertainment option while doing so in a respectful way as it relates to ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

RCRA and Red Cedar Speedway fans, sponsors, employeesand race teams have always acted with dignity and respect to all entities within our community. Our goal has been and will continue to be a valued asset of our region and community.
We need your help by contacting the following Dunn County Board members in a respectful manner. Reach out to them, share this message with your friends to get them involved, in general “spread the word and take action” in our effort to open in 2021.

Also, we urge you to reach out to the many businesses that share the value of how racing impacts our community,asking them to join our effort and have their voice heard.  As Menomonie Chamber of Commerce members, our friends at the Chamber are supporting our quest to open for the 2021 race season. The Menomonie Chamber of Commerce understands the impact that the RCS has on the local economy.

Here are some communication tips to assure our voice being heard in the most respectful way:

*Race tracks all around us successfully opened in 2020 while following safe guidelines and recommendations.  They are moving forward with 2021 race event plans.

*Other “public land owned” speedways in Wisconsin openedand operated in 2020 while implementing and adhering to“safe guidelines” and did so successfully.  Those same tracks are opening again in 2021. 

*As a fan-I’m willing to adhere to the recommendations, procedures, policies and guidelines that would be required of me while attending racing action at the Red Cedar Speedway.

*As a fan-The past 12 months of dealing with the COVID-19virus has taught me much about the importance of my role, and empathy towards others as we deal with what is expected of me related to the coronavirus pandemic. 

* I can-social distance, follow CDC recommendations, practice good hygiene and be respectful of my neighbors at the facility.

*The CDC supports and encourages outdoor activities for both physical and mental health.

If you have further questions, suggestions or are wanting to help out, please reach out to the RCRA board, contact info can be found at or send us a Facebook message.

Red Cedar Racing Association Board