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Race Fans, Red Cedar Speedway NEEDS YOUR HELP.

If you want to race/attend races in Menomonie this year, we need YOU to reach out to Dunn County officials. Please express how important the speedway and local racing is to you and/or your family, friends, business, etc. and how you’ll be able to follow safe guidelines and social distancing at the track.

On June 9th, RCS will meet with the Dunn County Facility Board to discuss opening the speedway. If in favor, it will go to the Dunn County Executive Board that meets on June 10th. If in favor from that board, on June 17th the Dunn County Board of Supervisors (all 29 Districts) will meet and make a decision. The time is now to get our voice heard by our county officials, that will ultimately make a final decision to allow us to race in 2020.

Please remember to be respectful when reaching out to these individuals. Red Cedar Speedway and Dunn County officials work together to negotiate contracts between Dunn County and our speedway.
By creating a dialogue between the racing community and county officials we can show our compassion and express the critical role our business plays in the health of the local economy.

Please urge your friends to get involved, it only takes a couple of minutes to send an email and/or make phone call. Thank you, from all of us at Red Cedar Speedway.

Dunn County Facility Board:
District 8: Charles Maves (Chair)        (715) 632-2486 
District 15: Donald Kuether                (715) 235-8351 
District 4: Ron Score                           (715) 643-3900 
District 10: Michael Rogers                (715) 231-2084 
District 20: Tim Niehoff                      (715) 235-1217 

Dunn County Executive Board:
District 2: David Bartlett (Chair)         (715) 949-1619 
District 5: Gary Stene (Vice Chair)      (715) 962-3512 
District 11: Jim Anderson                   (715) 235-3789 
District 23: James Tripp                      (715) 309-8083 
District 3: Vaughn Hedlund                (715) 643-6312 
District 8: Charles Maves                    (715) 632-2486 
District 9: Thomas Quinn                    (715) 265-4538 
District 21: Diane Morehouse            (715) 309-4150 
District 1: Brian Johnson                     (715) 658-1888 
District 17: Kelly McCullough             (715) 440-1500 

Dunn County Board of Supervisors: (does not include those listed above)

District 6: Jim Zons                              (715) 962-4660 
District 7: Gary Bjork                          (715) 962-3978 
District 9: Thomas Quinn                    (715) 265-4538 
District 12: Mike Kneer                       (715) 309-8504 
District 13: Jody Kromrey                   (715) 308-4409 
District 14: John Calabrese                 (715) 977-7161 
District 16: Ann Vogl                           (608) 566-0189 
District 18: Sheila Stori                       (715) 235-9251 
District 19: Carl Vandermeulen          (715) 619-0193 
District 22: Sarah Kennedy                 (715) 556-1742 
District 24: Randy Prochnow              (715) 309-2863 
District 25: Steven Jenson                  (715) 255-1963 
District 26: Larry Bjork                        (715) 879-5185 
District 27: Robert Bauer                    (715) 495-3675 
District 28: Tim Lienau                        (715) 664-8621 
District 29: Jerry Hartung                   (715) 283-4906 

We also urge you to reach out to the many businesses that share the value of how racing impacts our community, asking them to join our effort and have their voice heard. If you’d like a current list of RCS sponsors, please reach out to the RCRA board, information is also available on our website.

The RCRA has been working very hard to get our voice heard with our county officials.  We have met numerous times with our governing entities both county and city.  We have provided them with an opening proposal document and have done (and are continuing to do) studies of local tracks that have opened successfully in our region and nationwide. As Menomonie Chamber of Commerce members, our friends at the Chamber are assisting us with safe opening resources and materials as well.

Here are some communication tips to assure our voice being heard in the most respectful way:

*Race tracks all around us have successfully opened while following safe guidelines and recommendations.

*Other “public land owned” speedways have opened and implemented “safe guidelines” by       working with their governing bodies.

*As a fan-I’m willing to adhere to the recommendations, procedures, policies and/or guidelines that would be required of me attending racing action at the Red Cedar Speedway.

*As a fan-The past 60+ days of dealing with this virus has taught me much about the importance of my role, and empathy towards others as we deal with what is expected of me as the opening process continues.

*I can-social distance, follow CDC recommendations, practice good hygiene and be respectful of my neighbors at the facility.

*The CDC supports and encourages outdoor activities for both physical and mental health.

If you have further questions, suggestions or are wanting to help out, please reach out to the RCRA board, contact info can be found at or please send us a Facebook message.

Red Cedar Racing Association Board