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>>> Red Cedar Speedway News <<<

Good Morning Red Cedar Speedway Fans, Sponsors, Race Teams, and Supporters,

As promised, we would like to update everyone on some of our plans starting in 2021 race season and inform you on information as it relates to 2020.

On Wednesday July 29, the Dunn County board of Supervisors (29 members) voted “in favor of” the following amendments to the current contract between Dunn County and the Red Cedar Racing Association (RCS).

First off, the board is exploring having a Fall festival/gathering/party to have an awards ceremony for our 2019 class winners and top 5. We are working on a date and location and will post as soon as that is all set.

Second, the car show is scheduled for Friday and Saturday March 26 and 27, 2021. Opening night is Friday April 9, 2021. Expect a full summer of Friday night Wissota racing action. We have worked hard with Wissota officials to keep our Friday night Wissota sanctioning beginning in the 2021 season. Because we were closed in 2020 due to the virus we have “documentation” in hand from Wissota that we “are the Friday night” Wissota sanctioned track beginning in 2021 and that the historical Punky will return to is regular invitational schedule status in 2021.

Also, we have been assured the Mahder 55 will return to the RCS in 2021. Great news for sure!

Now let’s update you all on the contract status between the RCRA and the Dunn County officials: the 2020 lost season will be “rolled” to 2023, meaning we have secured our full 3-year contract agreement we recently got passed.

Next, because the RCRA has agreed to “mow, maintain” the speedway grounds for the Summer of 2020 we will have a fourth year added to our contract. So, starting with the 2021 season we now have a “4-year contract” (2021, 2022, 2023 and 2024). This was a huge addition for us!

Next, the county will pay all utility bills for the 2020 season. We have been granted permission to do improvements on the grounds as the Summer and Fall continue.

Finally, we have asked for 5 practice nights in 2021, it was added as a second amendment to the contract and those negotiations are ongoing, we will keep you posted.

The RCRA is also working with the Menomonie Chamber and businesses in doing a study on the economic impact the speedway has on our community, county, and region. We have had many local business owners “step up” in support of us, voicing their desire for the speedway to be open. It’s been awesome, thank you to those supporting us. We would also like to thank the County officials that worked with us, many hours were spent.

In closing, this season has no doubt, been like no other. The RCRA appreciates all your support, understanding and passion for the RCS. We are blessed to have the very best fans, sponsors and race teams supporting us. We appreciate everyone who did everything you could to get our voice heard in support of opening in 2020. We are excited for the 2021 season and look forward to seeing you all (our racing family) at the RCS for a great racing season.

Until then, stay safe, and stay in touch!