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>>> Red Cedar Speedway Track Rules <<<

2020 Red Cedar Speedway Weekly Race Event Order/Schedule

The following is race event information based on our weekly shows.  Race night event information will be posted at the “draw window” weekly (please be sure to check for any changes/alterations).  In order to get our race event in we need your cooperation in lining up, IMMEDIATELY, in the “staging area” as the race preceding yours, and/or, as announced/called through the pit PA system.  It is your responsibility to report immediately, failure to do so could result in you “missing” your race, we will not wait.  Follow the directions of the “Staging Area Director” as to when you can enter the track (see the stop and go lights).  Line up immediately when you get on the track (see information regarding heats and features as they relate to line-ups). Also, the officials at the RCS reserve the right to alter any scheduled race within the nights program due to inclement weather or curfew issues.

CLASS                           LAP #                            TIME ALLOTMENT
Street Stocks                 8                                  6 min
Midwest Mods              8                                  6 min
Hornets                        8                                  6 min
Super Stocks                 8                                  6 min
Modifieds                     8                                  6 min
Late Models                  8                                  6 min

B-FEATURES                 10                                8 MIN   (will run in same order as Heats)


CLASS                           LAP #                            TIME ALLOTMENT
Hornets                        10                                8 min
Street Stocks                 15                                10 min
Super Stocks                 18                                12 min
Modifieds                     20                                15 min
Late Models                  20                                15 min
Midwest Mods              18                                12 min

SPIN RULE:  When/if you are CHARGED with a 2nd (second) caution (for the race you are in) you will be “BLACK FLAGGED” and sent to the pits in any race you are entered in (Heat, B-Feature and/or Feature).

YELLOW FLAG RULES:  AFTER the 2nd yellow flag flies, the field will go single file (restart) and dependent on time still available could go Green, white, checkered (GWC).

HOT LAPS:  it is our goal to run hot laps the first 2-3 race events, then we may not run hot laps (dependent on track condition) any longer prior to starting race program on a weekly basis.  Pay attention to posting at the draw window when you check your car in.  NOTE: We will hot lap every class week 1 and 2, we will have all cars (per class) enter the track, we will have ½ the field STAGE in the infield while group 1 is hot lapping. Then the next class will enter and so on.  HOT LAPS will start at 6:00 pm sharp each of the first 2 nights and will be completed by 6:30 pm sharp.  Follow the “flag mans” flag/light instructions as well as raceceiver instructions.

2019 Weekly Purses (.pdf file)
2019 WISSOTA Rules (.pdf file)
Hornet Rules (.pdf file)
2020 Weekly Race Event Order/ Schedule (.pdf file)

Download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat to view the rules if you don't already have it. It's a free and fast download.